Secret book box box

Secret book box box

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Last time, Mr. Ninomiya provided me with the Yosegi for the pages, but this time I made the Yosegi myself.
It's a simple pattern, but I had a hard time getting it just the way I wanted it, and I realized once again how skilled Mr. Ninomiya is.
I also changed the way I made the eight corner parts that represent the front and back covers, using a technique called spline joint.
This technique is used for both decoration and strength improvement.
The trick is the same as last time.
Get to the heart of the books and find the stamp.

Craftsman : Hideaki Kawashima
Size (box body) : 98×98×98mm
Size (storage space) : 25×60×16mm×6, 31×31×31mm
Material : walnut, keyaki(zelkova), chanchin, mizuki(dogwood), ancient katura, maple, magnolia, cherry

With the solution.

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Due to the use of natural wood, the color and grain may differ from the image.
In addition, there may be knots, etc. note that.

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