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work #: KY-53
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For overseas customers  37,500 yen

This work was produced for an exhibition on the theme of "Ancient Times."
The motif is based on the ichthyostega of the Paleozoic Devonian.
It is an amphibian from the period when the fins of fishes gradually turned into legs and began to expand from the sea to land. (Land Tetrapods)
However, it was unclear whether they could walk properly.
Perhaps they moved forward as if they were dragging their bodies with only their front legs?
Perhaps the hind legs were just flopping around?
However, the pelvis is firm and seems strong enough.
The mystery still seems unsolved.

Craftsman : Yoh Kakuda
Size (box body) : 83×221×51mm
Size (storage space) : 25×68.5×14mm
Material : magnolia, walnut

With the solution.

Due to the use of natural wood, the color and grain may differ from the image.
In addition, there may be knots, etc. note that.

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