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Karakuri Kolorin

2,420 yen

Don't think of it just as a “rolling ball”! This ...

Work Kit Coin Magic

2,420 yen

The coin will disappear in this box.
You can b...

Work kit Fukiage (Blow Up)

7,500 yen

This work kit was developed for the 5th annual "Ka...

Work Kit Magic box

2,420 yen

Anything you put in the drawer disappears?

Work Kit Money Bank

2,420 yen

You can save big money.
You can open this box o...

Work Kit Newton Box

2,420 yen

You can open this box by using gravity.
When y...

Work Kit Ninja Box

2,420 yen

The drawer is locked. There is a window on the top...

Work Kit Pop up bank

2,420 yen

This piggy bank is different.
In addition to t...

Work Kit Spin Box

2,420 yen

You can open this box, only when you spin the box....

Work Kit Treasure Box

2,420 yen

A lock typically opens with a key.
However, the...

Work Kit Urashima's box

2,420 yen

This is clearly a suspicious looking string. Of co...