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New Secret Box 2

New Secret Box 2

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work #: NS-2-3
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For overseas customers 6,850 yen

Karakuri Box, a series of new secret boxes I.~III recommended for beginners and first-timers.

In particular, the New Secret Box Ⅱ is a perfect to start playing karakuri box.
It is a fashionable box with two lines of walnut, zelkova and maple.
If you move surfaces 12 times, one is a lid so you can open it.
Also, it needs a knack for closing so don't be relieved just because it has been opened.
Please remember how you opened it.
The mechanical structure inside when the lid is opened is also quite cool.
The new secret boxes I, II, III, IV. can be distinguished by the box line.

★ How to enjoy Karakuri Box★
If you can solve the trick and open it, the goal is to do so.
The opening method is secret so that you can enjoy it.

Produced : Karakuri Creation Group
Size (box body) : 80×80×80mm
Size (storage part) : 32×32×37mm
Material : walnut, keyaki (zelkova), maple, magnolia, etc.

With the solution.
Design, specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.
Due to the use of natural wood, the color and grain may differ from the image.
In addition, there may be knots, etc. note that.

We do not accept returns due to customers convenience.

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