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Labyrinth Chest Ⅱ

Labyrinth Chest Ⅱ

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work #: RF-16-2
Sold out

Karakuri Club Member's Only LOTTERY 
The deadline: 29th Oct. (Japan time) 

I spent a lot of time and effort on making the Karakuri.
As a result, I think that it became a representative work among the "Chest" works.
As the name suggests, it looks like a labyrinth, and it has a surprising and difficult mechanism.
Akio Kamei was in charge of the Karakuri trick, Katsuhito Uchida was in charge of making the main body of the chest, and Tomoko Hasuo was responsible for the inlay.
This was made as a special request product for one owner.

Craftsman : Akio Kamei
Size (box body) : 440×440×1185mm
Size (strage space) : 186×43.5×24mm、186×77×42mm、186×77×82mm、186×77×102mm
Material : tochi (Japanese horse chestnut crepe), etc.

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