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Aquarius Drawer (5 devices)

Aquarius Drawer (5 devices)

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work #: RF-55
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The motif is the horoscope sign for Aquarius.
Each device moves in 4 steps,and the 5 devices are intertwined. The motion seems both regular and irregular. The first drawer opens at step 5, and the second drawer opens at step 61.
The maze on each device is common. It was designed by short ening the maze of Quaternary box. The overlapping devices when viewed from above,control each other. It’s still possible to connect more devices to this work.
The craftsman who made this had a discussion with Kagen Sound in 2014, and this new idea came to him.
Well, is your Aquarius story happy orsad?

Craftsman : Hiroshi Iwahara
Size (box body) : 132×176×72mm
Size (strage space) : 24×30×20mm
Material :bubinga, keyaki(zelkova), metal pin

With the solution.
Design, specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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