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RENEW  Karakuri Club

RENEW Karakuri Club

12,500 yen
work #: KCG-RENEW
Please choose the Christmas presents (Craftsmen) at the bottom part of “Shipping method” under the “Order option”.


Please read all the text below before applying.

This is the page for RENEW your membership.

The limit of Join, Renew, Add is the end of November,every year.
However, it needs confirmation of your payment until the limit. (Japan time)
And If you join our club or renew your membership when the limit is approaching please note that you will lost your membership in the next month (December).

A change / the addition
of the craftsman are until the end of June.
When it is past the time limit, your hope may not stand.
The change / addition person desired please propose it early.

You can choose 8 craftsmen (Christmas present) at most in 2020.

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