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work #: ky-8-2
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When the cat wakes from sleep, they stretches itself at first.
They looks feeling comfortable. But the body seems to stretch forever and I feel uneasy.
This work was made in the image.

The title "GOMBO" is a dialect in some parts of the Tohoku region.
The short tail is called "gombo tail", so I chose this cat's name.

This is the first remake in 10 years.
More attention to detail, the strength of the device has increased.
Toe beans are self-made stamps.
※The mechanism is simple.

Craftsman : Yoh Kakuda
Size (box body) : 67×162×102mm
Size (strage space) : 20×27×21mm
Material : walnut, mizuki(doog wood)

With the solution.
Design, specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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