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Asymmetric cube -5-

Asymmetric cube -5-

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work #: KW-40
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Karakuri Club Member's Only ※※ We have received more orders that expected, so we will select the winners by lottery.
This work was designed for an exhibition with the theme, “GO”.
The Japanese word “go” has several meanings and I selected “5” among them.
The design of the surface incorporates "5", using "5" types of wood, and developed as the "fifth" of the bar box series. Based on the previously created "Barsbox" to "Bars Box IV"(KW-36~KW-39) I have also introduced new mechanisms.
This work starts with the design of the surface but there are mechanisms that betray your expectations.

Craftsman : Hideaki Kawashima
Size (box body) : 70×70×70 mm
Size (strage space) : 32×32×29 mm
Material : magnolia,purple heart,padouc,keyaki(zelkova),maple

With the solution.
Design, specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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