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Drawer with a tree

Drawer with a tree

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work #: RF-70

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This item was designed with the same mechanism of “Box with a tree” (RF-14).
The shape changed from Secret Box type to Drawer type. The internal space became bigger. You can unlock the drawer by sliding the two panels well. But, if you slide only one plate for the time being,
it is already a failure. Also, use the “tree” on the top as well.
The direction of the tree is important. If you succeed, the two lines connect to one line, the device inside moves, and the drawer will be unlocked.

Craftsman : Hiroshi Iwahara
Size (box body) : 99×91×69mm
Size (strage space) : 68×58×28mm
Material : keyaki(zelkova), magnolia, ancient oak, acrylic board

With the solution.
Design, specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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