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Ninomiya's Yosegi Bookmarks set (12 types Complete Set)

Ninomiya's Yosegi Bookmarks set (12 types Complete Set)

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work #: N-32
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Special sale: Ninomiya’s original Yosegi bookmarks/ Complete Set
This is a special item, original Yosegi bookmark set by Yoshiyuki Ninomiya, a master craftsman of Hakone traditional wood work.
It is a complete set that contains all 12 types of Yosegi bookmarks.
It also includes the Yosegi used in Ninomiya’s traditional secret box.
Each piece was carefully finished by Ninomiya himself.
This is an incredibly valuable set.

Craftsman : Yoshiyuki Ninomiya
Size : 120×30mm(Different each types)
Material : Yosegi, strings

Design, specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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