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Karakuri Small Box 3

Karakuri Small Box 3

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work #: KK-3-5
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This work was made as of the works of Karakuri Small Box series.
Maybe we can say that #3 work is easier than #1 or #2.
If you say, "I'm not good at difficult works", we recommend you try #3.
In fact, at first we were going to make it as #1.
However, we rethought, "There is no problem for Karakuri Fans !".
Therefore, we made it as the third work.

Produced : Karakuri Creation Group
Size (box body) : 42.5×47×60mm
Size (storage part) : 26×34.5×31 mm
Material : walnut, magnolia

With the solution.
Design, specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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