For Karakuri Club Member

It is different from shopping registration in web shop and entangled club member registration.

Non-club members will be charged shipping costs.
Karakuri Club Members have free shipping.

Shipping costs are added automatically.
This is the website system.
The system cannot be changed.
We will correct the amount.
Correct the amount charged when billing.

There is a pre-sale only for Karakuri Club Members a few times a year.
We will contact you when the pre-sale events begin.
Notifications will be sent by BCC.
Please receive it.

Notifications will be made only for new sales and lottery sales.
There will be no notification when inventory is available.

Participation of lottery for resale purposes is not allowed.
If we discover that our works are in an auction after the lottery is finished but before shipment, we will remove your membership and cancel your order.